Leading the Legal Revolution: Technology as Catalyst

As pioneers in Ghanaian legal innovation, we're catalyzing change, driving efficiency, and enhancing accessibility within the legal realm. Explore our transformative solutions and embrace a future where legal excellence knows no bounds.

Our Software Products


A Ghanaian law database where decided cases and laws are easily accessible to legal practitioners and persons of interest in law.

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Offers you the most convenient and simple ways to legally register your marriage and access the marriage registry, verify your marriage certificate and more.

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Justice Locator

A mobile application designed to assist the ordinary Ghanaian access justice and help legal practitioners manage their court diaries with ease.

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DL News

An updated, reliable, and concise daily legal news, court updates, legal articles, and weekly newsletters. If it is about the law, we report it with accuracy.

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Other Services

IT Infrastructure Setup Services

Imagine you're setting up a new office. You need computers, software, internet connection, and a way for everything to work together seamlessly. That's where we come in. We'll handle everything from setting up your Wi-Fi network to installing software on your computers.

Networking Services

Think of networking like the roads and highways that connect different parts of a city. In the digital world, networking is what connects your devices together so they can communicate and share information. We'll design and build a network that's secure, reliable, and fast, ensuring your business operations run smoothly.

Equipment Supply Services

Just like how you need tools to build a house, you need equipment to run your digital operations. We provide all the hardware you need, from computers to servers to printers, ensuring you have the right tools for the job.

Legal Technology Training

We provide legal technology training for law firms, litigation units, Judges, Lawyers and Paralegals in Ghana to strengthen and enhance their productivity.

GeoLegal Services

We use geospatial technologies to gather, capture and organise accurate data on and around a land.